2.54mm DIP switch (SPST)
gold-pin 8 positions
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Electrical Characteristics


·Edge actuated type (Piano type) easy setting on closely racked PCB.
·Tactile response is performed directly by larger contact pressure to ensure stable contact.
·All plastics are UL 94V-0 grade fire retardant.
·Bottom epoxy sealed standard to ensure free of flux immersion during wave soldering.
·Contact wiping on make and break.
·Gold plated contacts to ensure low contact resistance and long operation life.
·Ideal for data processing, communications, remote controls and burglar alarm system use, where manual programming is required.


 ·Contact rating: 25mA 24VDC (switching) ; 100mA (non-switching)
 ·Contact resistance: 100mΩ Max. (after life test)
 ·Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min. at 100VDC
 ·Dielectric strength: 500VDC Min. for 1 minute
 ·Leakage current: 2mA Max.
 ·Capacitance between adjacent switches 5pF Max.
 ·Operating temperature: -25°C to + 70°C
 ·Storage temperature: -40°C to + 85°C
 ·Operation force: 800g Max.
 ·Mechanical life: 1000 operations
 ·Humidity: 95﹪RH, 40°C for 96 Hrs.
 ·Vibration: 10Hz to 55Hz for 6 Hrs.
 ·Solderability: After flux 230±5°C for 5±0.5 seconds, 95% coverage
 ·Soldering heat: 260±5°C for 5±1 seconds, shall have no deterioration


·Numerical setting for computer terminal equipment
·Price setting for vending machines
·Programming for game machines
·Programming for industrial equipment and measuring instruments