How to Order

Follow the six simple steps 

1-1. Register

You need to join to be our member before transaction, and the server will send you a member confirmation email after registration.  We suggest you to fill in the email address which you usually use,  and we will contact you via this email address.

1-2. Login

Input your username, password and check code, and then you can start shopping online.

2-1. Choose merchandise

You can find the demand merchandise by browsing our web-site or searching description and item No..  Then press “Add” to add the items into shopping cart.

3-1. Checkout

1. Press “shopping cart”. 
2. Double check the order contents, and then press “checkout” button.

4-1. Choose shipping way

1. If there are some items without inventories, then you need to choose partial shipment or not.
2. Choose the country you expect to dispatch and shipping method.
3. Double check the order contents and shipping information, and then press “checkout” button.

5-1. Fill in receiver details

1. Receiver : If the receiver address is different from buyer, please fill in your correct receiver address.  If it is the same as buyer, you can select “same as buyer”.
2. Payment method : Now you can pay by using PayPal account or Credit Card in PayPal platform.
3. Remark : If you have special requirements, please indicate here.

5-2. Payment via PayPal

1. If you have PayPal account already, please choose “Pay with my PayPal account”.  To login by inputting your email address and password.
2. If you don’t have PayPal account, please fill in the details of your Credit Card.
3. Confirm payment information and press “continue”.
4. Press “confirm payment” to finish checkout process.

6-1. Completed order

1. When checkout process is finished, the page will show “Order Success”.
2. Press “Home” to browse our web-site continuously.
3. Press “Print” to print order contents.